Mito-Detox III

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Mito-Detox III is an advanced nutraceutical formula providing a unique blend of nutrients known for mitochondria protective benefits and essential roles in energy production.* The capacity of hepatic cells of the liver to perform their many vital roles, like the metabolism of toxins, is highly contingent optimal mitochondrial activity.

• Contains R-Lipoic Acid, the natural and most biologically active form of Alpha Lipoic Acid, which acts as a versatile antioxidant and is known for supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism and nerve function.*
• Contains PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), a potent antioxidant and promotor of mitochondrial biogenesis.* Research supports the enhanced benefit of PQQ when combined with CoQ10, as provided in Mito-Detox III.*
• Contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH). The ability of cells to produce nearly all high-energy molecules (ATP) is directly related to the availability of NADH.
• Mito-Detox III may serve as a foundation of any nutritional intervention intended to support energy production capacity.*