2018 Reset Program

2018 Reset Program

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This item is for a single registration for our 2018 Reset Program. Two of the supplements included in the program have flavor options, which you must select before adding this to your cart.   If you are purchasing more than one registration, please change the quantity accordingly.  If each registrant has different flavor preferences, simply add the registration to your cart once for each different combination you are selecting.  

Join our January Reset Program for a lean, mean 2018.  Have the holiday’s got your waist crying out for mercy?  One too many cookies for Santa?  Or are you feeling sluggish, run down, and constantly tired?  Join us as we embark on a 3-week reset program.

When:   The program will be online!  It will run Jan 14th - Feb 3rd.  We will mail your supplements to you along with your info packets, or you may pick them up at our office.  While you are there, we invite you to have a preliminary body composition analysis (InBody).  If you’ve never had an InBody, this will going to be a real treat.   At the end of your reset- we invite you to join us on February 3rd to retest your InBody and see how much you have accomplished!

Who should join?  Anyone that is feeling tired of being tired or those that are looking to optimize your weight.  While this is not a “weight loss” only program, we will discuss ways to help your body obtain its ideal weight. 

What’s included in the program:

  • Recipes, menus, and grocery lists created by our Registered Dietitian to help make your reset diet the most successful.
  • Access to our private Facebook group.  We want you to be able to ask questions and cheer each other on.  We’ve got a great community of people that will be going through the same thing, at the same time. 
  • Custom selected supplements to help support your body’s detox pathways

Rumor also has it that there might be some discounts on local pastured meats for people who are participating in the program!

After you have registered, we will contact you with additional information for getting started.